IPC-Complete Portable-PCs


Complete Industrial Computers, Portable-IPCs, Modular-IPCs
incl. Housings

Compact-PCs Panel-PCs


Compact-PCs, Panel-PCs, other build in, without Housings

Board-PCs SBCs


Board-PCs, SBCs, All-in-One-PCs, Micro-PCs

CPU-Boards Slot-CPU


CPU-Boards for passive Backplanes, Slot-CPU

PC-Boards aktive


Miscellaneos aktive PC-Boards, ASPMx, PCMCIAs, Controllers, Modems, Converter, Interfaces, Image-Proccesing etc.

Monitors Displays


Monitors - LCD, - CRT, Panels, Touchscreens, Displays, Graphik-Cards, other Imaging-Systems and Tools

Mechanicals Backplanes


Mechanical- and Electromechanical Assemblies and Components, Housings, 19-Rackmounts, passive Backplanes, PCBs, Keyboards etc.

Software SW-Tools


Embedded Software, Real-Time OS, Software-Development-Tools,  Software-Development Services and Consulting

Other Peripheral


Development-Tools, Peripheral Assemblies, Storage, Memory Units, Power Supplies, Components, Emulators, Measuring- and Test-Equipment etc.

Publishing Organizers


Specialist Publishing Houses, Technical Publications and Books,
Trade Fair-, Seminar-, Conference- and other Organizers



Design-, Development-, Consulting-, Manufacturing- and Testing Services

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